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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Ivy Wiki] Update of "IvyUseCases" by AndreasSahlbach
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 17:40:09 GMT
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The following page has been changed by AndreasSahlbach:

The comment on the change is:
additional use cases by Andreas Sahlbach

  Note: if you are using Ivy in a different way, please share us all. The benefit would be
to all of us: we would better understand what other people expect Ivy to do, and we may together
develop common 'usage patterns' to address common problems in a common, easy and simple way.
+ ---- remarks by Andreas Sahlbach
+ IMHO Ivy has to fulfill two requirements:
+  1. resolve (transitive) dependencies for my project
+  2. help me to manage my repositories
+ 1) will not work without 2). I need a controlled way to access my repositories. I need to
be able to get stuff from repositories (dependencies, my own build results, information about
resolves) and I need to be able to put stuff into repositories (again: dependencies and my
build results). All this needs to be usable from ant, so that I can put it altogether in a
neat ant script (for the "dressed apes" that are going to use my ant script at the end).
+ Examples:
+  * We use several repositories depending in which environment we are currently developing
(inside the intranet / outside the intranet / offline). I need to have a way to copy all dependencies
of my project to my local repository so I can plug off the network cable and can still build
+  * For a deployment ant target I want to retrieve the "latest.whatever" from my enterprise
repository with all its dependencies. I am using ivy:install for that right now, but ivy:install
needs ivy:resolve to work properly. This is pretty annoying, because I don't need to "resolve"
my 47 dependencies just for the deployment task.
+  * I need a clean way to put an additional dependency into the repository so again I can
put it into a neat ant script. Again I am doing this with groovy magic and the ivy:install
task, but here again ivy:resolve is needed so Ivy knows about my repositories. This also means
that the installation of an additional 3rd party dependency will fail if the resolve process
fails (prolly because it is lacking the very same dependency I am just trying to install with
this task)
+  * ivy should help the user in the task to create ivy-files. Maybe by presenting a basic
form that the user can fill out and providing a fresh ivy.xml as a template for further editing
+ My $0.02 end here. :) Andreas Sahlbach
+ ----

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