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From Daniel Widdis <>
Subject Re: [IP CLEARANCE] Apache Maven - Mvndaemon
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2021 02:38:40 GMT
On 9/5/21, 7:16 PM, "Olivier Lamy" <> wrote:
    Again the project is already Apache license from the start so any
    contribution will be de facto ASF compliant


Linked from the blog post I cited earlier justifies this statement.

See the last paragraph, especially the last 3 lines.  I do not think any CLA is required for
pull requests by non-committers on an already-AL licensed project

From	"Roy T. Fielding" <>

Contributions can
be contributed using any of our communication forums and they are
considered to be under the Apache License 2.0.  If the author happens
to have a CLA on file, then the CLA overrides the normal contribution
license automatically -- there is no need to check that.

There is no reason to apply this extra level of control within
infrastructure for checking things that any reasonably competent
committer can be trusted to do themselves.  And there is a known
reason not to do so, namely that the committer field in git has
nothing to do with the provenance of the code, but may in fact
vary for the same individual depending on whether they are
interacting with a public repository or their work's repository,
or maybe even their club's repository.  Github is certainly one
example where the committer names will not match our avail names,
and one of the goals of this effort is to enable folks to
use Github as one of many forums for collaborating with potential

Yes, that opinion comes from me speaking as a board member and
author of the Apache License, and has previously been cleared
with Apache's legal team for a long ago discussion with Incubator.
We don't need a CLA on file to accept contributions from non-committers.
We just need a clear intent by the author to contribute under
our normal terms.

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