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From "Dominik Riemer" <>
Subject [VOTE] Apache StreamPipes 0.68.0 (incubating) RC1 release
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2021 20:00:29 GMT
Hi all,
this is a call for a vote to release Apache StreamPipes (incubating) 0.68.0.
Apache StreamPipes (incubating) is self-service Industrial IoT toolbox to
enable non-technical users to connect, analyze and explore IIoT data
The Apache StreamPipes community has voted on a proposal to release Apache
StreamPipes (incubating) 0.68.0
We now kindly ask the Incubator PMC members to review and vote on this
Vote and result threads from the StreamPipes community:
>From the PPMC vote, we carry over 1 binding IPMC vote:
Christofer Dutz

The vote will be open for at least 72 hours. 

Please vote accordingly:
[] +1 approve (indicate what you validated - e.g., performed the checklist
at [6])
[] +0 no opinion
[] -1 reject (explanation required)
Three artifacts are relevant for this vote:
incubator-streampipes, staged at [1], available in Nexus at [2], release
tag: release/0.68.0, hash for the release tag:
incubator-streampipes-extensions, staged at [3], release tag:
release/0.68.0, hash for the release tag:
incubator-streampipes-installer, staged at [4], release tag: release/0.68.0,
hash for the release tag: 1d6bc511debc83f63b78cf33f1bfc5efef2da0ce 

Per [5] "Before voting +1, [P]PMC members are required to download the
signed source code package,
compile it as provided, and test the resulting executable on their own
along with also verifying that the package meets the requirements of the ASF
policy on releases."
A release validation guide is available at [6]. The KEYS file is available
at [7]
As we are missing two more IPMC-binding votes, we would really appreciate if
any IPMC member would be willing to review our release candidate. Thanks for
your support!


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