Hi Justin:

Regarding the third point, I don’t quite understand. Regarding [3] [4] [9]:

1. Is it necessary to remove the description of part B in the above screenshot?

2. If the file source itself does not have a LICENSE authorization statement, but the top level of the project is Apache V2 or other authorization agreements, should we add the corresponding authorization statement in the header of this file?

3. ./tubemq-client-twins/tubemq-client-cpp/src/any.h
4. ./tubemq-client-twins/tubemq-client-cpp/src/buffer.h
8. tubemq-core/src/main/java/org/apache/tubemq/corebase/utils/
9. tubemq-server/src/main/java/org/apache/tubemq/server/tools/

Justin Mclean <> 于2021年1月28日周四 上午11:10写道:

> - These files seem to have incorrect headers [1][2][3][4][8][9]. ASF headers should include a copyright line and 3rd part headers need to be kept unchanged.

Sorry that should be "ASF headers should NOT include a copyright line”

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