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From Lewis John McGibbney <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Graduate Apache Flagon (incubating) as a Top Level Project
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2020 06:15:30 GMT
Hi Justin,
Thanks for taking a look at this...

On 2020/10/08 05:45:12, Justin Mclean <> wrote: 
> HI,
> > I don’t care which products you have as long as the most recent for each is a
proper Apache release.
> I could be mistaken (given the name change)  but there only seems to be only Apache releases
for UserALE.js, although two of the products may be no longer used and have been dropped.
The releases that have been made look fine to me. Perhaps an update of the website is needed
to show this more clearly?

Only UserALE.js has been released under SensSoft (Incubating) and Flagon (Incubating) names.
No other products have been released so this is a non-topic in my opinion. 
I don't think any update needs to be made to the Website... language already exists in numerous
places explicit stating which products are deprecated.

Thanks again Justin.

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