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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Graduate Apache Superset (incubating) as a TLP
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2020 06:32:19 GMT

> Thanks for bringing up your concern here. The synchronous meeting you describe does have
an agenda with meeting minutes/notes [1], which are open to the public, and was previously
shared on the dev list [2]

I note those in attendance are listed by company affiliation, contributors should act as individuals
not what company they are affiliated with. The last time it was shared on the list was more
than a year ago, this does't seem open and transparent communication that an ASF project needs
to follow. These discussions need to be brought back to the mailing they need so they can
involve the wider community especially those who can’t attend due to other commitments,
including their day job or time zone issues.

> From this point forward, we will make it clear that all are invited, and we will share
out the notes after each meeting.

A better solution might be to not have them at all and have the discussion asynchronous on
the mailing list. This this can be inconvenient it it give better value to the whole community
not just those who know about and can attend those meetings.

> Let us know if this assuages the concern, and if not, we’ll address further.

It still a concern IMO, and I see it was noted as a concern in a board report, but doesn’t
seem to have been addressed. I can see improvements in this project in a lot of other areas.
It would be good to hear from other IPMC members and your mentors on this subject.

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