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From "Eason Chen" <>
Subject 回复: [DISCUSS] EventMesh Proposal
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2020 06:43:24 GMT
Our product has actually received a lot of attention from people. We have conducted communication
with many people and collected their opinions. We plan to abstract eventmesh more independently,
make product positioning clearer, and make it easier for everyone to participate. We will
invest more time and energy to build the community.

发送时间:&nbsp;2020年8月14日(星期五) 中午11:35
主题:&nbsp;Re: [DISCUSS] EventMesh Proposal

&gt; Thanks for the honesty, I prefer you should adjust the proposal to match
&gt; the reality. Such as
&gt; 1. Just open-sourced
&gt; 2. Have a risk of being an orphaned project
&gt; 3. Community development would be a challenge

As mentioned in wusheng’s previous email, the challenge should be stated in
the proposal.

Ming Wen, Apache APISIX &amp; Apache SkyWalking
Twitter: _WenMing

Eason Chen <; 于2020年8月14日周五 上午10:52写道:

&gt; Thanks for your help and answers @Duane, i will initiate the voting
&gt; processs later if you have no other questions.
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&gt; 主题:&amp;nbsp;Re: [DISCUSS] EventMesh Proposal
&gt; I work for Solace and have consulted internally to confirm that we do not
&gt; have any copyright or trademark on the term “Event Mesh”. It’s true it is
&gt; something our products are closely aligned with, but it is an industry term
&gt; that has been adopted by Gartner and is gaining traction in the industry.
&gt; Solace does not oppose the term being used in other applicable products or
&gt; projects.
&gt; +1 (non-binding) on the idea.
&gt; Cheers,
&gt; Duane
&gt; On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 11:51 AM heng du <;gt;
&gt; wrote:
&gt; &amp;gt; Hi @Michael
&gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt; Thanks for your advice. As far as I know, Solace doesn't have a
&gt; product
&gt; &amp;gt; called Eventmesh, They're just using that name to promote their PubSub
&gt; &amp;gt; platform.
&gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt; But in order not to cause trouble in the future, I also ask guys of
&gt; Apache
&gt; &amp;gt; Brand to help check whether this name is appropriate. For us, we've
&gt; been
&gt; &amp;gt; using the name EventMesh for a long time, and we want to keep it so
&gt; that
&gt; &amp;gt; users can get better product positioning from the name.
&gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt; And base on this document[1], we searched in the U.S. Patent
&gt; Office[2] and
&gt; &amp;gt; found nothing inappropriate.
&gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt; [1]
&gt; &amp;gt; [2]
&gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt; Thanks
&gt; &amp;gt; Henry
&gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt; Michael André Pearce <;gt;
&gt; 于2020年8月6日周四
&gt; &amp;gt; 下午3:33写道:
&gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Hi
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Im PMC member from ActiveMQ project.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; I like the idea, nice. +1 on it as a project idea.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; I am though a little -1 on the name of the project, I would
&gt; recommend
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; that an alternative name for the project is found as there
&gt; a conflict
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; in rights ability to copyright and trademark to it.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; I’m aware there is a commercial vendor messaging company
&gt; Solace,
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; where they use and market their product with heavy use of
&gt; name Event
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Mesh, you can see this just googling event mesh, brings
back many
&gt; hits to
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; their products, marketing material and other records, so
they may
&gt; hold a
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; heavy claim to this name.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Best
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Michael
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; On 4 Aug 2020, at 18:33, Kevin Ratnasekera
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; wrote:
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Hi Easen,
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; +1, Having worked in a similar domain so far,
I have to say
&gt; this is an
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; interesting project. If you are seeking new
mentors, please
&gt; consider
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; adding
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; me as a mentor to the project.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Regards
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; Kevin
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt; On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 3:34 PM Eason Chen <
&gt;;gt; wrote:
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Good time of the time to all!
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; I'd like to bring this new interesting
project for the
&gt; discussion,
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; comments and feedback with the
aim of starting a formal
&gt; [VOTE] of its
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; acceptance into Incubator.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; People behind this project aren't
new to Apache: some of
&gt; them were
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; behind
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; the Apache RocketMQ, which I consider
a huge
&gt; success(especially in
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; China)as
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; the community is literally thriving
almost 3 years after
&gt; the
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; graduation.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; I have been involved a little bit
with this project when
&gt; it just
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; started
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; in WeBank a few years ago. And
I'd like to emphasize
&gt; that the community
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; however small it might look so
far, has been aligned
&gt; with Apache ways
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; of
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; doing things. Heng Du (from RocketMQ
PMC) is very
&gt; instrumental in
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; tirelessly helping this group to
learn what it means to
&gt; be a truly open
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; source project.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; The code is already under ALv2
and is publicly
&gt; available. As you will
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; see
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; it has a lot of dependency connections
with the rest of
&gt; Apache
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; ecosystem
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; and IMO will fit very well here
and continue to grow the
&gt; community.
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; The project's proposal is available
at [1].
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; Thank you very much for the feedback
you're willing to
&gt; provide!
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;nbsp;With best regards,
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;amp;nbsp;Eason Chen
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; [1]
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt
&gt; <;gt;&amp;gt&gt;
&gt; ;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
&gt; &amp;gt;&amp;gt;
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