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From Sheng Wu <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] EventMesh Proposal
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2020 12:58:30 GMT
Eason Chen <> 于2020年8月6日周四 下午6:17写道:

> Hi,
> We do not deny that the community is not really big and active, we share
> our best practices and look forward to getting more people's attention and
> help, at the same time can help our colleagues&nbsp;.we believe that as
> long as we find the right method and organization such as the apache way,
> the community will become stronger and stronger.&nbsp;


Thanks for the honesty, I prefer you should adjust the proposal to match
the reality. Such as
1. Just open-sourced
2. Have a risk of being an orphaned project
3. Community development would be a challenge

I hope you could understand, a project open-sourced from the company, and
not widely adopted, these are just the fact, don't need to hide them.
The incubator is welcome this kind of project, once you have enough active
mentors and initial committers.

Personally only, not from an IPMC member perspective
The concerns I raised, are from the perspective of protecting the project,
a very young community will face heavy loads of joining the ASF incubator
And from my personal experiences, people(especially in China) will
challenge the qualification of the project. I have seen this happened

Sheng Wu 吴晟
Twitter, wusheng1108

> In addition, I want to clarify that these codes are submitted by the
> entire team within our company, but I open sourced them, as you see some
> components are not yet open source, we are reviewing and reforming
> internally, and will open source soon.
> ------------------&nbsp;原始邮件&nbsp;------------------
> 发件人:
>                                                   "general"
>                                                                     <
> 发送时间:&nbsp;2020年8月6日(星期四) 下午5:42
> 收件人:&nbsp;"Incubator"<;;
> 主题:&nbsp;Re: [DISCUSS] EventMesh Proposal
> Hi
> Noticed this a little late.
> I have some questions about the status of the project, especially about the
> `Orphaned Products` and the activity of the community.
> With a project open-sourced since September 2019, this doesn't seem like
> the status you said in the proposal.
> 1. If the EventMesh repo is the only code repo, AFAIK, there is only one
> contributor who has submitted the codes over 110 lines, most are just < 50
> lines.
> 2. Only have 35 issues opened on the GitHub.
> 3. The issues(since issue #21) since 21 days ago have no comment any all.
> From my understanding, this project is only limited maintained by one and
> only one for now.
> To the project community, could you respond what is the real status now?
> And why there is a gap between your proposal and GitHub open statistics?
> Personally, I have concerns about the activity and support of the
> community, or a little more, whether the basic community has been
> established.
> I think the incubator should notice the status, in case, it will be hard to
> make consensus and release soon in the incubating stage.
> Sheng Wu 吴晟
> Twitter, wusheng1108
> Ming Wen <; 于2020年8月6日周四 下午5:24写道:
> &gt; Hi, Eason,
> &gt; It's an interesting project. And I have a few questions and
> &gt; it would be great if you could help:
> &gt; 1. According to github's statistics[1], most of the code was
> contributed by
> &gt; yourself.
> &gt; So if you're on vacation, this project will not easy to move forward.
> &gt; 2. An external dependency `logback` is LGPL license, which is
> Category X.
> &gt; Can this dependency be removed?
> &gt;
> &gt; [1]
> &gt <>;
> &gt; Thanks,
> &gt; Ming Wen, Apache APISIX &amp; Apache SkyWalking
> &gt; Twitter: _WenMing
> &gt;
> &gt;
> &gt; Eason Chen <; 于2020年8月4日周二 下午6:04写道:
> &gt;
> &gt; &gt; Good time of the time to all!
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; I'd like to bring this new interesting project for the
> discussion,
> &gt; &gt; comments and feedback with the aim of starting a formal [VOTE]
> of its
> &gt; &gt; acceptance into Incubator.
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; People behind this project aren't new to Apache: some of them
> were behind
> &gt; &gt; the Apache RocketMQ, which I consider a huge success(especially
> in
> &gt; China)as
> &gt; &gt; the community is literally thriving almost 3 years after the
> graduation.
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; I have been involved a little bit with this project when it just
> started
> &gt; &gt; in WeBank a few years ago. And I'd like to emphasize that the
> community
> &gt; &gt; however small it might look so far, has been aligned with Apache
> ways of
> &gt; &gt; doing things. Heng Du (from RocketMQ PMC) is very instrumental in
> &gt; &gt; tirelessly helping this group to learn what it means to be a
> truly open
> &gt; &gt; source project.
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; The code is already under ALv2 and is publicly available. As you
> will see
> &gt; &gt; it has a lot of dependency connections with the rest of Apache
> ecosystem
> &gt; &gt; and IMO will fit very well here and continue to grow the
> community.
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; The project's proposal is available at [1].
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; Thank you very much for the feedback you're willing to provide!
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; &amp;nbsp;With best regards,
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; &amp;nbsp;Eason Chen
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt; &gt; [1]
> &gt; &gt;
> &gt
> <>
> ;

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