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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache TVM Graduation
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2020 23:14:17 GMT

> - As you can see that the domain redirects to
>  So hopefully there is no confusion here.

In some cases it does not. e.g. IMO this is a graduation blocker.

> P2: releases
> - The PPMC has a well documented release process[1]
>  that anyone can go and produce a release.
> - While we understand that it is good to produce more releases,
>  hopefully it is not a hard blocker, as the most important thing
>  for the PMC to be able to make high-quality Apache releases.

IMO this is a graduation blocker. A project meeds to make several releases with different
release managers. Even if it is well documented only having one release manager is a large
risk. If the process is well documented and easy to do then why haven’t you produced more

> P2: Docker image
> - These docker images do not contain tvm, instead they contain CI
> environment
>  to set up dependencies(e.g. compilers libraries) for running integration
> tests.

Then why do they have 40K+ downloads? It also doesn’t explain the version numbers.

> - These images are not Apache releases, there is a clear disclaimer
>  that they are thirdparty and not part of the ASF release[1].

If they are not Apache releases then they cannot use the TVM name.

> - The PPMC also clearly understand the need to protect Apache brand, and
>  clearly differentiate Apache release from thirdparty ones by adding
> disclaimers[3] to places when they are referred to.

You need to do more than just add a disclaimer.

>  name that does not contain tvm. Please note again these binaries are only
>  used for integration test purposes, the community do not intend to
> advertise them as Apache releases.

Except they are [1]


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