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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache TVM Graduation
Date Sat, 29 Aug 2020 00:00:38 GMT

> I am sure there are many other binary packaging out there that use Apache
> project names, for example this one for Apache Spark:

What other Apache projects do (Spark in particular for various reasons) are not always good
examples to follow. But you'll note in this case it:
a) Calls it Apache Spark
b) Includes a link to
b) In this case it seem clear it is a 3rd party, unlike TVM.

IMO It should also have a trademark disclaimer and I’m not sure that the way they have set
up latest would be compliant with ASF policy. Ignoring the latest tag you note that the tags
also match Apache releases.

> Are you concern about the name? The Docker image hub clearly stated this is
> not official Docker image from Apache TVM podling. I think that is enough
> to indicate this is not done by Apache TVM as community.

The docker images, if you found them on their own, give no indication that is an Apache project
or that this are not official releases. If I search for “docker tvm” I get this link [1].
There is very little information on that page, no recognition of Apache trademarks and no
disclaimers.There are also versions tagged that are not Apache releases. 

Why didn’t the project use Infra’a docker offering? [3]

> And I am kind of surprise about your comment and question about the number
> of downloads.

A large number of downloads may indicate that users are using the docker images rather than
the offical sources. This may be fine if they are released versions, but is probably not be
fine if they are not. Hence the latest tag being problematic.

I find it odd in the TVM case there are more releases in Docker using the same numbering system
as the Apache releases. Why this discrepancy?


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