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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Problems with Committer Invite Documentation
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2020 22:31:59 GMT

> I searched incubator.a.o and could not find any comparable documentation
> that is step-by-step with example template emails.  


(Which points to other ASF documentation)

> Because it has been over 24 hours since our candidate replied and it still
> does not show up in our private@ mail list. If our mentors have the
> responsibility to moderate the private list, why is it that none of our 5
> mentors have not forwarded it?

PPMC members can be moderators for that list as well, I would suggest you add some to moderate
that list. If your mentors are not being active then find out why they are not being so, it
may be that your project needs a new mentor or two.

> I recognize that these templates can be changed by the user.  But you are
> missing my point.  Why start with a recommendation that is ill-advised to
> start with?

Many project don’t operate that they, and any commit can be easily reverted so many project
don’t see that advice as ill advised.

> I am a bit puzzled why you are pushing back so hard on my recommendations.
> I am a great fan of the ASF and I just want to improve the documentation
> and make it better!

Pull request and patches are welcome but just consider that not all projects operate in exactly
the same way.

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