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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache MXNet (incubating) version 1.7.0.rc1
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2020 05:35:09 GMT

> For mshadow, it is a third-party component that MXNet has been relying on
> since the initial contribution to MXNet. It has been included in previous
> releases since its category-A license allows us to do so. For this release,
> we are still releasing it as a third-party module, as evidenced by the
> content of our LICENSE file [1].

The code has been donated via a software grant  [1] and the IP clearance process not followed.

You'll note it states here [3] "No releases are possible until the provenance of all the code
to be release has been clearly established and the relevant paperwork filed with Apache.”
and "The Incubator PMC must approve the clearance."

> For 2-5, DJL is a third-party project that depends on MXNet, not a
> component of MXNet. We PPMC don't own or manage those artifacts.

Why are they distributing release candidates? This seems highly unusual. Are any members of
the PPMC members are involved in this? I believe some of them are employed by this company.

> Finally, it would be great if you could help clarify what compilation
> problem you had.

I’m on OSX and don’t have gcc set up correctly, clang fails to compile as it encounters
an unknown option. So it’s probably just my setup, however I’m not even sure of OSX is
a supported platform.

The PPMC needs to be more active in sorting out its branding and trademark issues. [6] [7]

Here’s another branding/trademark issue [8] and anther [9] and another [10]. If I search
for "MXNet" here [11] I get 30 hits and some issues. I believe your project has PPMC members
from the companies listed here?

It needs to be 100% clear in all cases where this occurs that MXNet is an incubating Apache
project and those releases are not Apache ones and in some case not under the Apache license.
These 3rd party releases can’t be called MXNet [4] if there is any category X code inside
them or they have licensing conditions that are not compatible with the Apache license. They
they can only be called NXNet if they are based on released code, with nothing else added.


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