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From Vinoth Chandar <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Graduate Apache Hudi (Incubating) as a TLP
Date Tue, 12 May 2020 14:46:30 GMT
Hi Justin,

Thanks, as always, for the great feedback!

On the PMC, the folks listed fall into at-least one of the following categories

 - Actively (multiple times a week) taking part in the project. All our newly added PMCs through
graduation and majority of original PPMC are currently in this category
 - Mentors who have helped significantly through the incubation process, teaching us the Apache
 - Members of the original PPMC, who may not be very active now, but chose to stay on. These
were early adopters/champions for the project. Like you mentioned, the rationale is to allow
them the chance to become active again (at-least 1 PMC member cited this specific reason to
stay on, On the flip side, we do have 1 PPMC member, 1 inactive mentor  who chose to step
down and are not part of this list).

On the issue of the "person who has been recently added", if this is a mentor, we needed additional
mentors, we began a VOTE, but did not follow through, since one of the other mentors suggested
apache processes did not require it. Happy to follow up on private@, if thats deemed more

On the committers, 

 - Of the top 15 contributors [1], 10 of them are already committers. (Not to say this is
the only metric). We have a well-documented criteria [2] 
 - We are and will be glad to offer committership to strong contributors. PPMC sends out appreciation
emails to such contributors showing strong trajectory and we have such a healthy pipeline
working towards committership.

We will get the logos/download page link fixed.

On the 3rd party branding issues cited, both of them are pre-incubation references to the
project when hosted on Uber's github account. One of them is a Spark summit talk delivered
by 2 current PMC members (incl me) and looks like a 3rd party writing
a tech summary on the then Uber OSS project.  Since then, Uber has done due process to transfer
ownership to the ASF (blog here [3]). Since we incubated, we have consistently used Apache
branding in any/all external materials. Please let us know if we are missing something. 



On 2020/05/12 10:50:06, leesf <> wrote: 
> +1 to graduate Hudi, it is a nice community and deserve graduating.
> Justin Mclean <> 于2020年5月12日周二 上午11:58写道:
> > Hi,
> >
> > > Why having inactive PMC members is not a big deal now?  What's the point
> > of
> > > keeping them if they r inactive and do nothing or have no interest in the
> > > project?
> >
> > At some point in the future that may become active again or they may plan
> > to be more active in the near future. Having a few extra people on the PMC
> > doesn’t hurt a project if they are inactive.
> >
> > > There is an inactive IPMC member on the proposed PMC - who didn't
> > > have time, or bandwidth to help in any way on the project but yet chose
> > to
> > > be part of and expressed his intent to be on the proposed PMC.
> >
> > I would suggest the project discusses it with them.
> >
> > BTW I also agree Mentors shouldn't automatically become part of the new
> > PMC if they did not help.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Justin

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