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From zhaojun <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache ShardingSphere (Incubating) 4.0.1
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2020 05:05:33 GMT
Hello all,

This is a call for vote to release Apache ShardingSphere (Incubating) version 4.0.1.

The Apache ShardingSphere community has voted on and approved a proposal to release
Apache ShardingSphere (Incubating) version 4.0.1.

We now kindly request the Incubator PMC members review and vote on this
incubator release.

ShardingSphere is an open-source ecosystem consisted of a set of distributed database middleware
solutions, including 2 independent products, Sharding-JDBC & Sharding-Proxy. 
They both provide functions of data sharding, distributed transaction and database orchestration,
applicable in a variety of situations such as Java isomorphism, heterogeneous language. 
Aiming at reasonably making full use of the computation and storage capacity of the database
in a distributed system, ShardingSphere defines itself as a middleware, rather than a totally
new type of database. 
As the cornerstone of many enterprises, relational database still takes a huge market share.

Therefore, at the current stage, we prefer to focus on its increment instead of a total overturn.

Sharding-JDBC defines itself as a lightweight Java framework that provides extra service at
Java JDBC layer. 
With the client end connecting directly to the database, it provides service in the form of
jar and requires no extra deployment and dependence. 
It can be considered as an enhanced JDBC driver, which is fully compatible with JDBC and all
kinds of ORM frameworks.

* Applicable in any ORM framework based on Java, such as JPA, Hibernate, Mybatis, Spring JDBC
Template or direct use of JDBC.
* Based on any third-party database connection pool, such as DBCP, C3P0, BoneCP, Druid, HikariCP.
* Support any kind of database that conforms to JDBC standard: MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer and
PostgreSQL for now.

Sharding-Proxy defines itself as a transparent database proxy, providing a database server
that encapsulates database binary protocol to support heterogeneous languages. 
Friendlier to DBA, the MySQL/PostgreSQL version provided now can use any kind of terminal
(such as MySQL Command Client, MySQL Workbench, Navicat etc.) that is compatible of MySQL/PostgreSQL
protocol to operate data.

* Totally transparent to applications, it can be used directly as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

* Applicable to any kind of terminal that is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL protocol.

ShardingSphere community vote and result thread:

Release notes:

The release candidates:

Maven 2 staging repository:

Git tag for the release:

Release Commit ID:

Keys to verify the Release Candidate, public key is ED4872D5B97BBB65

Look at here for how to verify this release candidate:

The vote will be open for at least 72 hours or until necessary number of
votes are reached.

Please vote accordingly:

[ ] +1 approve

[ ] +0 no opinion

[ ] -1 disapprove with the reason

Checklist for reference:

[ ] Download links are valid.

[ ] Checksums and PGP signatures are valid.

[ ] DISCLAIMER is included.

[ ] Source code distributions have correct names matching the current release.

[ ] LICENSE and NOTICE files are correct for each ShardingSphere repo.

[ ] All files have license headers if necessary.

[ ] No compiled archives bundled in source archive.

The following votes are carried over from ShardingSphere dev mailing list,

+1 binding, Craig Russell
+1 binding, Willem Jiang

+1 non-binding, Yi Yang
+1 non-binding, Liang Zhang
+1 non-binding, Juan Pan
+1 non-binding, kimmking
+1 non-binding, Guangyuan Wang
+1 non-binding, Zonglei Dong

Zhao Jun (cherrylzhao)
Apache ShardingSphere & ServiceComb

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