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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: [Proposal]New storage project: HBlock
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2020 12:40:24 GMT

On 3/9/20 10:45 PM, Sheng Wu wrote:
> Hi
> Personally, and basically, I am feeling the team has misunderstood
> the meaning of incubator and the requirements of building the community.
> Same as the last time discussion, I still think they will be in a big
> pressure as they have to deal with the basic feature development, community
> build and following ASF incubator requirements at the same time if they are
> accepted into the incubator. And at the same time, the team lacks the
> experiences of open source community in or out of ASF.

I find this remark confusing. Surely this is what the incubator is *for* 
- to learn about open source community at the ASF.

A strong community and "basic feature development" are not requirements 
for entering the Incubator. Rather, the incubator is the place for 
community building (among other things).

> I noticed there are a lot of `will`s here in the Proposal section as the
> project core features.
> Are these language issues or all these features not available today?
> Which parts have been implemented?

There is no requirement that a project be a completed product when it 
comes to the ASF. Indeed, as our friend Stefano Mazzocchi observed, all 
those years ago, coming in with a completed product makes it a lot 
harder to build a strong community, because there's nothing for them to do.

I readily admit that I've been away from the Incubator for some time, 
but surely we don't require projects to have a robust feature set and 
vibrant community as a requirement of entry. That would seem completely 
contrary to the entire point of coming here.

Rich Bowen -

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