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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Apache BlueMarlin proposal
Date Sun, 15 Mar 2020 06:49:25 GMT

They gave a presentation oat AupacheCon EU as part of the podling shark tank and we’ve already
had some discussion about this - obviously more has taken place. It does sound like an interesting

Some suggestions/questions:
-  I would like to see more in the proposal about the community and what their expectation
are there.
- Under “inexperience with open source” it would be good to mention what projects and
if they have any committer or PMC members in other projects.
- Under required resources it best to have a single dev list without a user list to start
off. The names of the list are not what are normally asked for is there a reason for that?
- Most projects seem to be using git these days, is there a reason svn is asked for?
- The initially committers seems small, are there any other people involved in the project
that might be considered as committers? [1] only show three main committers. How do these
match up with the four initial committers?
- One of the proposed mentors is not an ASF member or IPMC member and so would be unable to
be a mentor and two may have a few too many incubating project on their plate to be effective
mentors. Of course only they would be a good judge of that. One mentor is fairly new to mentoring.
 Does the project think it has the right mix of mentors that will be able to help the project



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