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From Konstantin Boudnik <>
Subject [DISCUSS] NLPCraft Proposal
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2020 00:43:30 GMT
Good time of the time to all!

I'd like to bring this new interesting project for the discussion, comments
and feedback with the aim of starting a formal [VOTE] of its acceptance into

People behind this project aren't new to Apache: some of them were behind the
Apache Ignite incubation, which I consider a huge success as the community is
literally thriving almost 5 years after the graduation.

I have been involved a little bit with this project when it just started
privately a few years ago. And I'd like to emphasize that the community
however small it might look so far, has been aligned with Apache ways of doing
things. Nikita Ivanov (from Ignite PMC) is very instrumental in tirelessly
helping this group to learn what it means to be a truly open source project.

The code is already under ALv2 and is publicly available. As you will see it
has a lot of organic connections with the rest of Apache ecosystem and IMO
will fit very well here and continue to grow the community.
The project's proposal is available at [1]. 

Thank you very much for the feedback you're willing to provide!
  With best regards,


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