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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache MXNet (incubating) version 1.6.0.rc1
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2020 03:40:54 GMT

-1 binding due to license issues (see below) If you had used the work in progress declaimed
as suggested last time this may not of been an issue.

I checked:
- incubating in name
- signature and hashes are fine
- I did a spot check LICENSE found some issues.  I did not exhaustively checked so their may
be issue s I’ve not found.
- NOTICE incorrectly states "Copyright 2017 and onwards”. This has been pointed out in a
number of releases. Is someone going to fix it?
- Look like some files incorrect have ASF headers
- Looks like a couple of file are missing ASF headers?
- No unexpected binary files
- Did not compile from source

Licensing issues I found:
- I can see several files now contain "Copyright 2019 Intel Corporation”  and " Copyright
(c) 2019 by Contributors” it looks like some 3rd party code have been updated but the LICENSE
file has not.
- license for this files [2] is missing and these [9] and these [10]
- files copyright  The MathJax Consortium e.g [3]
- file copyright  Martin Hensel [4]
- file copyright Bytedance Inc [5] of unknown license
- file copyright  NumPy Developers [6] this file look to incorrectly have an ASF header on
- file copyright Xiao Liu + others [7] of unknown license which also incorrectly looks to
have an ASF header on it
- file copyright Manuel Carrasco Moñin [8] which again seems to incorrectly have two headers

At that point I gave up. I suggest you write a script to try and fine file with incorrect

I also notice this issue is still open [1] and has been for several releases. 


2. ./docs/python_docs/themes/mx-theme/mxtheme/static/material-design-icons-3.0.1/iconfont/MaterialIcons-Regular.*
3. ./3rdparty/mkldnn/doc/assets/mathjax/jax/output/CommonHTML/fonts/TeX/SansSerif-Regular.js
4. ./3rdparty/mkldnn/doc/assets/mathjax/extensions/TeX/mhchem3/mhchem.js
5. ./3rdparty/ps-lite/src/ibverbs_van.h
6. ./src/operator/numpy/np_einsum_path_op-inl.h
7 ./example/image-classification/predict-cpp/
8. ./tests/nightly/
9. ./docs/python_docs/themes/mx-theme/mxtheme/static/font/Roboto/Roboto-Regular.*
10.  ./docs/python_docs/themes/mx-theme/mxtheme/static/webfonts/fa-solid-900.*
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