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From Seth Frey <>
Subject Inquiry about researching ASF Incubator
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2020 23:10:13 GMT
Dear Incubator PMC,

Happy New Year!

I am a professor and quantitative social science researcher at the University of California,
Davis. I have been studying online self-governing communities for a number of years now.

I am writing because of a new project: we are beginning a comprehensive comparative analysis
of the ASF Incubator projects, especially on how the self-organization in the projects and
their governance styles interact to result in success. We are hoping to learn how nascent
OSS projects can become more successful from templates of successful and unsuccessful projects
from ASF Incubator over the years. To jumpstart them, so to speak, if they need help or straightening

With a few collaborators we are now preparing a funding proposal for the National Science
Foundation (NSF) in the US. I attach here the whitepaper. While it is basic research, this
project may result in outcomes of interest to you and the foundation. In particular, we will
be identifying rules/policies and social/technical architectures of OSS projects that are
likelier than others to result in success. We are also planning to run educational experiments,
in which we will start/maintain OSS projects with our students that will incorporate some
of the things we are discovering.

THE ASK: It would be great if you would kindly consider supporting this project of ours, by
providing a short letter of interest/support that I can enclose with our grant application.
 Would any committee members here be willing to sign a letter of support for this research?
 You won't be formally committing to do or suffer anything.  Additionally, we can spare you
the effort of drafting the letter by starting you off with a draft that you can change as
you please or leave standing. Even if it promises minimal interaction and strictly informal
(rather than official project-level) assistance, a support letter from an Incubator PMC member
would increase our chances for making the project a reality by demonstrating even nominal
interest by people active in the ASF.

Feel free to check out my research or that of my collaborator, UC Davis Computer Science Professor
Vladimir Filkov (, who has studied OSS projects, including
ASF projects, for years. Happy to provide more info on my qualifications and to discuss this
in more length. Looking forward to your reply.


p.s. While I have you, I was rooting around Clutch with fingers crossed that I can find an
archive of its reports over time.  I'll resort to Wayback Machine in a pinch, or reconstructing
past reports from Board minutes, but if there's direct access to the complete raw data, I'd
love to know about it.

Seth Frey
Assistant Professor
Communication, UC Davis

recently: — Designing Digital Institutions for Participatory Change — Scaling of effective online institutions — Poker experts encrypt their reasoning with their cards

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