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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] NuttX Proposal
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2019 04:20:38 GMT

> The releases were less formal but still very strict.  The (old) releases were tags in
the the repositories.  I kept the ReleaseNotes and tarballs on on both SourceForge (which
NuttX originally started) and on Bitbucket at:
 and  I kept only the latest releases online.

Thanks for the link I took a quick look and can see a couple of things that will need to change.
Over all it’s in good shape Apache wise other only a few minor issue, there's two compiled
files, I did notice one GPL licensed bit of software (./tools/, three other files
(READMEs) refer to free software which would need to be checked. You'll need to come up with
a way of only replacing the right headers and the licensing is going to take a some effort
to put together as I could count 160 odd distinct copyright owners in the release. There are
tools to help with this but there’s going to be some manual boring work required. Given
the number of 3rd party licenses there might be something in there that’s not compatible
with the ALv2. 

> It also occurs to me that that there are a few non-standard BSD licenses from silicon
vendors.  They have four clauses, the standard three plus one that states that the code can
only be used on the vendor's silicon.  For me that is not an issue because the code is hardware
specific and applies only to the vendor's silicon anyway.  So it states only the obvious.
 But I should mention that too.

That could be an issue as that’s going to be a restriction of use on top of the ALv2, however
you could do what Mynewt did and ask the vendor(s) to change the license (they mostly did),
find the same or similar code under another license, or treat it as an optional as not all
users are going to require it.

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