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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] NuttX Proposal
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2019 02:26:02 GMT

> And on the opinion of the community for joining ASF, we have a slack
> channel about how to set up the foundation(it is private...), not sure if
> it is OK to post the message there out, but anyway, since this mailing list
> is public, we can post this thread into the channel, and if there are
> people who have concerns they can show up here. 

That a good idea. One of the things that may need to change is to move conversation off that
private slack channel and into the open once you start incubating.

> And on the initial committers, the plan is to invite more people during the
> incubating time.

I’d strongly suggest you add more people to that initial list, there’s a chance the proposal
may not be accepted by the IPMC because of that, but I’d like to hear what other IPMC members
think about that before deciding.

> In the past NuttX has some rules about the architecture,
> coding, etc, but since there is only one committer, you do not need to tell
> these rules to everyone as you can just reject the patch which break the
> rules.

Just because people have a commit bit doesn’t mean they have to commit code, you can apply
social rules rather than technological ones, but a RTC (review then commit) workflow process
(rather than CTR) is also likely to help here.

> As now we will give more people the commit permission, we want to
> make sure that all the committers know the rules and want to follow the
> rules.

Thanks for that link. I noticed one other thing in there that NuttX name is trademarked. Is
the project willing too hand over that trademark to the ASF?

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