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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Help Verify Apache(incubating) TVM Release RC
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2019 21:03:25 GMT

I checked:
- incubating in name
- signatures and hashes fine
- LICENSE looks good
- NOTICE is still incorrect
- No unexpected binary files

Some minor issues/questions:
- I did notice a directory called "3rdparty/dlpack/apps/from_numpy” is this code from numpy?
- This file [1] has an ASF header is this correct?
- This file [2] has two copyright lines is this correct?
- This license [3] notes some exceptions to the ALv2 license, this might be an issue and I
suggest you ask on legal discuss if this is OK. I wouldn't let this hold up a release.
- I noticed this line "MODULE_LICENSE("GPL”);” in 4. What's the history of this file?


1. 3rdparty/cma//Makefile
2. 3rdparty/compiler-rt/builtin_fp16.h
3 ./licenses/LICENSE.builtin_fp16.txt
4. ./3rdparty/cma/cma.c

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