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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache DLab (incubating) 2.2
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2019 23:28:06 GMT

-1 (binding) due possible IP issues with this cat photo [1] and missing license information.

These issues have been brought up before in past VOTES and there was a discussion on that
same image a while back on this list, believe it comes from here [5].

I checked:
- Incubating in name
- signatures and hashes are fine
- DISCLAIMER exists (but not the work in progress one)
- LICENSE is missing some licenses (see below)
- NOTICE is fine

LICENSE is missing:
- License for Material Icons
- License for Open Sans font
- This files [2][3][4]

It also seem to me that you have list the licenses of dependancies rather than what is actually
bundled in the source release. If it not in the release there's no need to mention it. Can
yo confirm everything mentioned is included and not just a dependancy?

It would also be good to sign the release with an apache email address.


1. ./integration-tests/examples/test_templates/deeplearning/cat_gray.jpg
2. ./services/provisioning-service/provisioning.yml
3. ./integration-tests/examples/test_templates/deeplearning/conv.prototxt
4 ./services/self-service/src/main/resources/webapp/.editorconfig
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