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From Gregory Nutt <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] NuttX Proposal
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2019 02:24:36 GMT
Hi, Justin,
> Where do you currently place releases? Your release process is likely to need to change
as at the ASF releases are made by the (P)PMC voting on them, and in the case of incubating
projects the IPMC voting on them before they can be released.

Yes, I have been following for a week or so 
now so I can see there there are differences.  The releases I did were 
still a substantial amount of work. I did releases once every two 
months.  Most of the work was developing readable, functional 
descriptions of changes from GIT history. The project is very active.  
In a 2-3 month time period, there will be 1000-3000 commits so that is a 
huge effort.

The releases were less formal but still very strict.  The (old) releases 
were tags in the the repositories.  I kept the ReleaseNotes and tarballs 
on on both SourceForge (which NuttX originally started) and on Bitbucket 
at:  and  I kept only the latest 
releases online.

>> There are a few, very old 4-clause BSD files in the C library (leveraged from old,
old BSD C library files).
> Given the University of California, Berkeley rescinded  the 4 clause BSD licenses these
files should be OK. [5] I’ll see if I can track down the Apache Mynewt discussion about

Then we should be in good shape.

It also occurs to me that that there are a few non-standard BSD licenses 
from silicon vendors.  They have four clauses, the standard three plus 
one that states that the code can only be used on the vendor's silicon.  
For me that is not an issue because the code is hardware specific and 
applies only to the vendor's silicon anyway.  So it states only the 
obvious.  But I should mention that too.

> Given you have compatible licenses what was the issue? Just the perceived complexity
of the ALv2 license you mentioned or another issue? Mynewt had some quite complex licensing
issues to sort out that required a number of different approaches, but is a good example of
what can be done.

Probably my lack of understanding of Apache license at the time.


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