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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: Business decisions and risk (was: [DISCUSS] IPMC votes on releases)
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2019 03:31:29 GMT
> I'd like to see the IPMC get out of the way of the podlings' releases. I
> see no reason for us to be a gate, and many more reasons to back off and
> let podlings get their work done.

I strongly agree with your sentiment, even if I differ with your tactics a bit.

I think that they are releases (e.g. we the foundation accrues a bit
of risk when releasing, and in turn shield our contributors from risk
as we've promised) Obviously we aren't claiming that they are perfect
apache releases that meet the minimum apache guidelines for
cleanliness) and that we should recognize that risk by having the fact
that they are incubating clearly in the name. (Oh wait, we already do
that.) We also have the new disclaimer in there for good measure.

This, IMO, exposes the ASF to a very (teensy weensy) slight increase
in risk, but for a much greater community gain. We have DMCA safe
harbor process to shield us from a good deal of the risk. The podling
gets to move faster, and hopefully learn and grow faster in the

Failure isn't the problem, IMO. In fact we should be pushing people to
fail faster, so that each time the release gets a little better, and
each time the community grows, and more people understand the
processes and problems.

Greg - I propose that you, Ross (sorry for volunteering you), and I
pick an incubating project in need of mentor attention and make this
as streamlined as we can. Let's focus on educating and enabling and
not gatekeeping. Let's prove out the concept and stop beating this
poor horse so much. :)


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