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From Mingshen Sun <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Incubation Proposal of MesaTEE
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2019 22:33:27 GMT
Thanks Justin, regarding to your questions:

On Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 2:46 AM Justin Mclean <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the proposal, it sound like a really interesting project.
> > == Core Developers ==
> >
> > Current core developers work at Baidu. We are confident that incubation will
> > help us grow a diverse community in an open and collaborative way.
> >
> > The risk of abandonment of MesaTEE is low. MesaTEE has been incubated at Baidu
> > for over two years. Baidu is committed to the further development of the project
> > and will keep investing resources towards the Apache processes and community
> > building, during the incubation period.
> Incubation can sometimes take 2 years or more. Given few people with experience at Apache
are involved with this project and the core developers are from one company, it may take longer
that indicated in this proposal.

We understand the incubation could take 2 years or more. Recently, we
have already received some pull requests from third-parties.
Therefore, during the incubation period, we will try to
attract/involved engineers from other companies as constant

> > == Continuous Integration Service ==
> >
> > MesaTEE currently uses self-hosted continuous integration (CI) service which can
> > help developers to automatically test commits. The CI service involves several
> > nodes which support Intel SGX. We would like to continue doing so.
> This may not be possible, what would the project do if that was the case? Have you discussed
this with your proposed mentors or infra?

About the CI infrastructure, actually, the "self-hosted CI" is not our
internal infra, we are using a open source CI service (Drone CI) with
our servers/NUC with SGX supported. To answer your questions, we have
several solutions:
  - we can use simulation mode for basic CI testing (by using existing
infra in Apache for example). And before merging a pull request, full
testing on a SGX supported machine is required
  - donating our SGX machines for CI services to Apache is another
option we may consider, but this should be further discussed

> >  * Zhijie Shen <>
> Is not currently an IPMC member, only IPMC members can officially be mentors.
> Of the three mentors listed 2 have never been mentors to my knowledge, have they been
involved with any other projects going through the incubating process at Apache? The third
mentor may be a little overextended given the number of podlings they mentors. Having only
one experienced mentor may be a risk to the project. What will you do if your mentors go missing
or unable to help?

I have talked with Zhijie Shen. He is very interested in helping us.
Currently, he is a member of incubator and can apply for IPMC. In
addition to Zhijie Shen, Jianyong Dai, and Luciano Resende, Furkan
Kamaci also volunteered to become one of our mentors after posting
this proposal in the mailing list. We understand this is a large
project and need experienced mentors. We are very open to include more
mentors who are interested in the project.


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