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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Drop requirement that ASF members can join IPMC by just asking
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2019 09:39:56 GMT

I think there's a couple of misconceptions in this thread. First off currently you can join
the IPMC two ways by being an ASF member and asking to join, the other by being voted in.
On average the people being voted in tend to not go missing, review releases and sign off
board reports more frequently.

This has come up on list the list before and some (ex)board members have suggested that the
IPMC shouldn’t;t allow people to be added this way.

The suggestion here isn’t to be exclusionary, in fact we now allow people who have experience
in incubator to ask if they can join, as it often hard for the IPMC to recognise merit, but
they still need to be voted in. [1] When a project graduates I go though the PMC list and
see if there are any likely IPMC candidates and contact them to see if they are interested,
you’ll notice that more people have been voted in in recent times. In another thread I’ve
gone one step further and suggested that mentors look out for people on their projects list
who are release managers and vote on releases and suggest they be voted in as IPMC members.
[2] (Option D). I agree the bar should be low.

I do find it strange that we would allow people from a privileged group to auto join, when
they possibly may not have shown merit and/or have not being involved in the incubator or
an incubating project before. Obviously this doesn’t apply to all ASF members that ask join
the incubator, but I can point to examples where this has given rise to serious issues. We’ve
even had the occasional mentor who has never sent an email to their podlings list, never voted
on a release and never signed off a board report.

I don’t mind if their's not consensus on this and letting this stay. There may be better
ways to make sure mentors who sign up do their job and make mentors are more engaged. Please
post your suggestions to this list for discussion.


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