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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Business decisions and risk (was: [DISCUSS] IPMC votes on releases)
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2019 12:19:50 GMT
We have always had a mindset that we (the foundation) want to make it as "brain dead easy"
for people to download, use, and consume ASF projects. This means that they don't need to
worry about compliance, IP provenance, etc.

Incubator releases are a special case. The expectation is, and should be, that these releases
may have issues. In fact, it is quite likely they will. Again, as long as those downloading
these releases are aware of that, and we've done all we could to ensure that they are aware
of it, then we have satisfied our requirements. IMO, with the naming and the DISCLAIMER and
other such touches, we are achieving that.

And they are, in fact, *releases*. We need to recall that one function of the foundation,
and PMCs, is to provide legal protection to those who are creating the software artifacts,
and when a release is done, as a "formal" act of the foundation (via the PMC), it is when
they legal coverage is at its most clear and explicit. So in order for those within the podling
to enjoy the legal protection this foundation exists to provide, these do need to be releases.
I would be opposed to not providing such coverage for those in our podlings, since they should
be safe spaces to learn about the Apache Way and how to build communities and how to release

This does NOT mean that the IPMC should be gatekeepers though... Just as PMC chairs are the
"eyes and ears of the board", mentors are the "eyes and ears of the IPMC". The IPMC "vote"
should be little more than a formality. IMO, if mentors are IPMC members, and there are at
least 3 binding votes on the podling list, and the mentors are acting as IPMC members when
they vote, then any other additional vote in the IPMC is not required... in essence, consider
it like extending the vote for a lazy consensus, so to speak:

   "The Apache Podling Foo has voted on releasing Foo 1.2.2 (url and pointers here). We have
3 (or more) binding votes from mentors. We are giving the IPMC and additional 72 hours to
vote on said release."

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