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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject [MENTORS] Mentor guidance document
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2019 01:56:07 GMT

We don’t have a lot of guidance for mentors on how to actually guide podlings, but with
more than 200 projects having going through the incubator guided by 100+ mentors there should
be a huge amount of collective knowledge. It might be a good idea to put this down somewhere
and refine it.

So what I thought would be a good format it to describe a situation, a suggested why to correct
it, the reasoning behind why and the Apache values at play. Sort of like the original design
pattern for “A pattern language” by Christopher Alexander, but perhaps more along the
later anti-pattern lines.

I put a couple here. [1]  What would be fantastic is that if every mentor added one or two
pieces of guidance and we would have a document that included 100’s of mentors wisdom of
15+ years that the incubator has been in existence.

Here are some other common situations, off the top of my head, just in case you can’t think
of a situation yourself:
- Discussions are happening offlist.
- Trouble making first release.
- Too much discussion on the private list.
- The PPMC not looking after the project name and brand.
- No PPMC members elected.
- Trouble attracting committers.
- Other mentors have gone missing.
- The PPMC is not signed up to the private mailing list.
- The project has a benevolent dictator.

Hint I've included a couple of ones that are easy to provide guidance on!


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