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From Gian Merlino <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Graduate Apache Druid (incubating) as a TLP
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2019 22:42:54 GMT
Hi all,

Since Apache Druid (incubating) entered the incubator in early 2018, the
community has grown more diverse, moved to ASF infrastructure, and adopted
the Apache Way. The community's achievements include the following:

- Performed 5 releases with 4 different release managers
- Invited 10 new committers
- Some time later on, invited all 10 of those new committers to join the
PMC (those that have accepted are named in the draft resolution)
- Migrated development to Apache's GitHub org:
- Migrated our web site to
- Migrated developer conversations to the list at

As a community we have discussed our readiness for graduation [1] and voted
on it affirmatively [2, 3]. We've also assessed ourselves against the
maturity model [4] and collaborated on a resolution for graduation
including PMC membership and PMC chair.

Please refer to the draft resolution below and provide any comments or
feedabck you have, as well as any general comments or feedback about our
community and our endeavors.

This discussion will remain open for at least 72 hours.



Establish Apache Druid Project

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it to be in the best
interests of the Foundation and consistent with the Foundation's
purpose to establish a Project Management Committee charged with
the creation and maintenance of open-source analytical database
software, for distribution at no charge to the public.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that a Project Management
Committee (PMC), to be known as the "The Apache Druid Project",
be and hereby is established pursuant to Bylaws of the
Foundation; and be it further

RESOLVED, that The Apache Druid Project be and hereby is
responsible for the creation and maintenance of an analytical
database software project; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the office of "Vice President, Druid" be and
hereby is created, the person holding such office to serve at the
direction of the Board of Directors as the chair of The Apache
Druid Project, and to have primary responsibility for
management of the projects within the scope of responsibility of
The Apache Druid Project; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the persons listed immediately below be and
hereby are appointed to serve as the initial members of The
Apache Druid Project:

  * Benedict Jin         (
  * Charles Allen        (
  * Clint Wylie          (
  * David Lim            (
  * Dylan Wylie          (
  * Eric Tschetter       (
  * Fangjin Yang         (
  * Gian Merlino         (
  * Himanshu Gupta       (
  * Jihoon Son           (
  * Jonathan Wei         (
  * Julian Hyde          (
  * Kurt Young           (
  * Lijin Bin            (
  * Maxime Beauchemin    (
  * Niketh Sabbineni     (
  * Nishant Bangarwa     (
  * P. Taylor Goetz      (
  * Parag Jain           (
  * Roman Leventov       (
  * Slim Bouguerra       (
  * Surekha Saharan      (
  * Xavier Léauté        (

be and hereby is appointed to the office of Vice President,
Druid, to serve in accordance with and subject to the direction
of the Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation until
death, resignation, retirement, removal or disqualification, or
until a successor is appointed; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the initial Apache Druid Project be and hereby
is tasked with the migration and rationalization of the Apache
Incubator Druid podling; and be it further

RESOLVED, that all responsibility pertaining to the Apache
Incubator Druid podling encumbered upon the Apache Incubator
PMC are hereafter discharged.

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