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From "Nygard, Carl J" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] MetaObjects for Apache Incubator
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2019 02:34:23 GMT

> > We believe that collaboration is a necessary prerequisite to great
> > outcomes. We believe that healthy debate is an aspect of collaboration
> > necessary for high-quality decisions.

> Where are the discussion and decisions like this being currently made about the code

> Note, MetaObjects has been open-sourced in 2014 and is available at

> I note that the last commit was 3 years ago and there not a lot of activity and has only
one committer. Is there any reason for that? I assume active development is happening elsewhere?
Is this repro doing to be the donation or something else?

> > * Champion:  Johan Edstrom - Apache, Savoirtech
> > 
> > * Nominated Mentors:
> > ** James Carman - Apache, Cengage
> > ** Heath Kesler - Apache, Savoirtech
> > ** Jamie Goodyear - Apache, Savoirtech

> While anyone can help out, offical meanors need to part of the incubator PMC. ASF members
can ask to join the PMC, currently  Heath Kesler is not a ASF member or IPMC member so would
be unable to be an offical mentor. Have any of these proposed mentors, mentors
>  an Apache project before? If not do they understand what is required of them? I don’t
believe Heath or Jamie have been active on this mailing list.

Currently most development is happening within Cengage.  The core library hasn't changed much,
aside from some bug fixes.  Most of the recent innovation has occurred in other libraries
built upon the draagon-metaobjects foundations.  That code is part of what is proposed to
be donated to the apache-metaobjects project.

Regarding the mentor list, I saw the Apache committer list included Heath, but misunderstood
that being a committer did not imply ASF membership, which was my mistake.  However, Johan
Edstrom and James Carman are members of the IPMC, and Jamie mentioned to me that he has requested
IPMC membership as well.  In addition, James has mentored a few projects in the past.  We
would welcome another mentor if anyone is interested in helping build a community around the


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