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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Re: [VOTE] Release Apache OpenWhisk Catalog (v0.10.0-incubating, rc1)
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2019 21:09:34 GMT

> I inspected the gradle 5.5 release [1].  It does not contain a NOTICE.
> The gradlew and gradlew.bat contained in gradle 5.5 are Apache licensed
> and have Apache license headers.  We have updated the openwhisk-catalog git
> repo to use gradlew[.bat] from the gradle 5.5 release and added a sentence
> to our NOTICE file noting the bundling of two third-party Apache licensed
> files.
> See [2] for the exact wording added to our NOTICE file.  I inspected the
> files from a dozen TLP Apache projects (httpd, flink, kafka, zookeeper,
> tomcat, ...) and attempted to match the majority style for similar notices.
> To the best of my understanding, this is an appropriate treatment.

License information goes in LICENSE not NOTICE. [1] Is this case there's no need to add anything


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