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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Cookbook and duplication of content on incubator site
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2019 06:44:00 GMT

With the cookbook added [1] I suggest that we remove this page:

And move this page:

And heavily cut down this page:
to remove anything that not actually IPMC policy.

That will remove:
- overview of the Process
- everything under Entry to Incubation and it's sub headings
- everything under Incubation Activities and it’s sub headings
- everything under Graduating from the Incubator and it’s sub headings
- Roles Defined

While some of this content is perhaps useful, a lot is out of date and unfriendly, and it
duplicated by newer content found in the cookbook.

And that leaves:
- Podling Constraints and sub headings

We should add the section under "Podling Website Requirements” from:
to this policy page with a few adjustments, like the need a disclaimer on the podling web

That way it succinctly captures what is actually IPMC policy and all other content is in podling
guides. A clear separation of what is IPMC policy is (minimal) from good general guidelines
is then made clearer.

What do other IPMC members think?



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