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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Feedback on board report / incubator release proposal
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2019 01:37:28 GMT

So in recent discussions, as I see it, it's been determined that:
A) The Incubator is a TLP
B) The Incubator is considered a unique or special TLP.
C) It's never been confirmed by the board (or written down) that the Incubator can be selective
with compliance of TLP release and distribution policy.
D) The legal committee has come up with a list of what they recommend incubator releases to
follow, but that applied only if the incubator is considered not a normal TLP. It's more permissive
than what we currently follow but doesn't allow everything.

For more detail see recent incubator board reports on this [2][3] and conversation here and
on legal dicuss.

A few months back, I suggested a proposal to the board to try and fix C) but it didn't gain
consensus. With the new disclaimer text, further discussions on this list and feedback on
the last board report I think it may be closer to be being accepted. As mentioned in the band
feedback the board would like to see a new proposal.

Here's a slightly updated version of that original proposal. [1] Does anyone want to suggest
an alternative proposal or how we might change this one to be more acceptable to everyone
here and the board?


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