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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache MXNet (incubating) version 1.5.0.rc2
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2019 03:14:21 GMT

+1 (binding) However note the image issues below, I'll leave it up to the project if they
think it's OK to distribute these files or want to create a new release.

I checked:
- includbatibng in name
- signature and hashes correct
- NOTICE copyright don’t include current year ("2017 and onwards” should be "2017-2019")
- Several minor license issues in LICENSE (see previous emails)
- No unexpected binary files
- All ASF files have ASF headers
- Didn’t compile from source

There are a couple of images in the source distribution that are not mentioned in license:
1. ./contrib/clojure-package/examples/infer/objectdetector/images/marcel.jpg
2. ./contrib/clojure-package/test/test-images/Pug-Cookie.jpg
3. ./contrib/clojure-package/test/test-images/kitten.jpg
4. ./julia/examples/imagenet/ijulia-pretrained-predict/cat.png

Have the license of these images been confirmed and/or do you have permission from the owners
to use/distribute them? If so it would be good to add those details to LICENSE. If not it
may be best to replace those images with one of a known license compatible with ALv2 license.

From a quick search 1 looks to be a personal photo, 2 seems to be a stock photo, (but I cannot
find its license), 3 has "Copyright by MaxPixel” as meta data (also unknown license), and
4 seem to be stock photos of unknown license.

Re 3, what I found about MaxPixel doesn’t sound good. [1] It seems they may of stole the
image from here. [2]

Does the project want to distribute an image that may of been stolen from another site and
copyright incorrectly claimed for it?


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