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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: New disclaimer text
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2019 21:44:54 GMT

> Speaking as a member of a currently-incubating project (Apache Druid) where
> we have always strived to do releases with no known licensing issues, the
> text sounds needlessly scary to downstream consumers.

And that may be the problem with a one solution fits all process. It has been suggested before
we let podlings choose which release process they want.  However that may get too complex
and make voting on releases inconsistent.

> IMO this disclaims too much, and would chill adoption of incubating
> software by people that care about having clean licensing. PPMCs should be
> able to say "we believe this release is clean and have vetted it using a
> normal Apache vetting process" or maybe even "we have vetted this release
> and it is clean other than the following list of known issues". If they
> can't say one of those two statements, then maybe it's not time to do their
> first release yet.

The idea is to allow podlings to make releases that may not comply with policy. Have a hard
switch from your releases doesn’t comply to everything must comply is too difficult for
some podlings.

> And yeah, as a few others have mentioned, I believe that a more streamlined
> voting process

That I think is a different issue, ands may be best to start another thread on that. The main
issue here is that IPMC members votes are binding, and not all mentors (who are IPMC members)
vote on releases, so podlings need votes from the wider IPMC members to make releases (in
about 90%+ of cases). There been a few ideas on how to improve this, including one approved
method (but no podlings have take that up yet).

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