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Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache OpenWhisk graduation to Top Level Project
Date Sat, 08 Jun 2019 02:22:18 GMT

Some of the answer be be obvious here to someone who works on the project, and already been
discussed and sorted on your mailing list. So apologies if that the case, I’m not involved
with your project, so I’m just asking to get clarity.

A google search turns up mention of “IBM OpenWhisk” and a logo very similar to the OpenWhisk
one. e.g [1] Is the project aware of and dealing with the branding/trademark issues here?
Is this just left over from before the project entered incubation?

The also a lot of pages that refer to "Bluemix OpenWhisk” e.g [4] on the IBM website. Or
this page with “OpenWhisk” [5] in the URL and title but no clear mention it’s an Apache

If I google search for Openwhisk and cloud I see this result in google:

IBM Cloud
Open source. Quicklinks. All open source projects · Tutorials and training. Try OpenWhisk
on Bluemix. Get started with serverless, event-driven computing in the …

Again Apache is not mentioned.

Are you concerned that this may make people think that OpenWhisk in not an Apache product
and give the impression that it's owned by IBM?

I can also see that IBM has a number of gtihub repos using the name OpenWhisk, what’s the
plan for them?

I notice you docker images (which are labeled as part of the ASF but oddly use the
domain) [6] seem to pull down the latest code rather than approved released version. Do you
think this is in line with ASF release policy?


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