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From David Nalley <>
Subject Infrastructure removing releases Was: Re: [VOTE] Apache Tuweni 0.8.0
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2019 23:16:05 GMT
> Have you checked with infra that they will allow this? Previous they have said they will
remove any release with an issue like this. I’ve tried to get clarity on this (see board
report before last) but with no luck.


I apologize for missing that question in the May report. Can you point
me to where we've said we'll remove releases?

Infrastructure is not checking releases to validate their correctness.
Infra has no desire to be the ASF Police force. (though I'm sure we'd
have cool uniforms and badges....) There's no one in Infra who sits
around judging the 'correctness' of artifacts. Moreover, Infra reports
into the office of the President, and the President has no oversight
or management of projects, by design.

We do have some tools that do things like validate checksums against
artifacts, but that's primarily to ensure that corrupted artifacts, or
malicious artifacts aren't distributed. Projects will get automated
complaining emails about that situation if it happens.

In the event that any project discovers some egregious error and needs
to have something removed, that's possible, but a request would need
to be made by the project.



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