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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: Podling releases and release policy
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 20:13:35 GMT
On Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 2:23 PM Hen <> wrote:
> Wrote a long thing... decided it wasn't useful :)
> The tldr;
> * Incubating releases are Apache releases. No user cares if they are
> endorsed or official (for whatever they may mean). Perhaps if we said GA we
> might be clearer.

We distribute it, we promote it to users, that is absolutely an act of
the Foundation. Whether we call it a release or not is semantics IMO.

> * We end up having an argument about easiness of release vs
> reproducible/provable releases.

Yes - I think there is an assumption by folks that it will take time
and effort for a incubating project to conform to the standard of an
Apache project. This is why the incubating disclaimer is important.
That said, the Foundation (which is the only legal entity that exists
in this context) has certain expectations to fulfill. One of the
things that users revere us for is our IP policies, and IMO we should
strive not to surprise our users.

That said, podlings aren't TLPs, they have disclaimers with each of
their releases for a reason. Personally, I think that as long as their
is a plan in place to come into conformance with our standards, that
much can be overlooked temporarily. I think ongoing releases with no
reduction in problem scope would be an issue, but I also think that
the guidance for podlings has been entrusted to the IPMC, and
specifically to the mentors guiding the project. I'd expect the
mentors to keep the IPMC in the loop, etc.

> ** We too easily -1 a release because of something that could be easily
> fixed by a human. We don't think about that human element when we stack on
> more requirements.
> ** But we want perfection of the process. If I miss a DISCLAIMER; I can't
> just fix it and publish, there is a whole rigmarole and revote I have to
> do.
> I'm thinking that should be solved with a standard source release. Press a
> button and a tar.gz will be created, checking for a few standard files and
> using the private key you supply. Have it require the PMC Chair to moderate
> the release to confirm that the Apache Way was followed (and PPMCs need
> chairs).
> (and we need an entire conference to figure out binary releases)

Agreed, but no comment.


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