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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Podling releases and release policy
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2019 03:28:42 GMT

It been suggested a few times by several people on several lists that podling releases (particularly
early one’s) don’t need to comply with release and distribution policy even if they have
serious issues. The question has been asked to the board several times but we’ve never got
a clear answer (as the question is hypothetical) or the answer is no that’s not allowed.
The incubator does not set those policies, the board and infra do. I’m going to ask the
board to give us a clear answer on this to see if they are OK to grant an exception to those
policies for podling releases and if our current DISCLAIMER covers those sort of issues.

Anyone have anything to add or any objections to this before I ask them?

The serious issues I’m talking about here include compiled source or inclusion of GPL (or
other Category X) code in a source release or a Category X dependancy or include code that
the podling doesn’t have permission to distribute i.e.  the ones that people constantly
vote -1 for. Last time I calculated the stats for 300+ released I found 1 in 5 podling releases
had a serious issue like this.

If the board (and infra) does say this is OK, podlings would still have to have releases that
copy with policy on graduation, so this puts more responsibility on the mentors and the projects
themselves. Worse case the IPMC may have to reject graduation of a project that hasn’t got
its releases in order.

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