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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Podling releases and release policy
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2019 23:57:38 GMT

> For example it would help heaps if there was a list of violations podling releases make,
and which are immediate showstoppers

That is fairly well documented and these issues consistently get -1 in release votes, they
are (off the top of my head):
- Missing incubating from name
- Signatures or hashes not correct
- Missing Apache LICENSE or NOTICE
- Including Category X code or Category B code
- Dependancy on Category X code
- Including compiled code in a source release
- Include code or assets you don’t have permission to distribute
- Artefacts need to be in the right place

And probably a couple of other very rare things, like including cryptography code or PPMC
vote issues. Other IPMC members lists may be a little different, and in one or two cases it
may depend on the exact situation, but it’s generally consistent. See also the talks and
other materials mentioned previously on this list, as they go into more detail about this.

All except two of these are from the release and distribution policies not set by the incubator.
All the incubator asks on top of those is add a DISCLAIMER, put incubating in name and an
IPMC vote.

If you think it helps I’ll put that list  together on the site or wiki.

> and which need to be noted (filed as tickets) and fixed in a release before graduation.

All other issues, but the expectation historical has been that they are generally fixed in
the next release, not just before graduation. It’s important to show progress.

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