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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Tuweni 0.8.0
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2019 05:34:24 GMT

> I see a lot of "oh no. a bad file". What is the takeaway from that? "The
> IPMC thinks we should not release.”

Has anyone voted -1? Nope. And even if they did a -1 vote is not a veto.

> How about "make the release, and fix that next time” ?

The podlings previous release put up for IPMC vote had the same issue.

> Look at the framing, and at how any normal reader is going to see it. It is
> (ahem) insanity to believe that it doesn't look like harshing on Tuweni for
> a file in their release. And then escalating with "oh geez. we need Infra
> to weigh in on this problem" (without really doing so, until yesterday,
> thus stalling the process)

We’ve needed infra to make their position clear on this for a while, we just didn’t have
a release that we could show them, and asking hypothetical questions in the past has been
answered with “we don’t answer those”. We now have an answer which makes it much clearer.
That is a big improvement. Re “stalling” I asked the podling to check with infra, when
they didn’t, I asked for them that spending up the process not stalled it.

> As long as the IPMC discusses podling releases, they are going to be
> *interfering*.

Currently only IPMC votes are binding on releases, so by design the incubator has to “interfere".

> And that is what I'm seeing with Tuweni, for a minor issue
> which has no material effect on people trying their product. Just ungate
> the release, and fix it next time.

They were asked to fix it last time, and we were told it was fixed, except it wasn’t. People
make mistakes, hopefully it will be fixed in the next release. The release as it is, may have
a material effect on people due to its licensing.

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