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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] Board proposal on podling releases
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2019 23:11:16 GMT

> I agree with other respondents that 'serious' seems bad here. To me the
> serious ones are the only ones they can't release with.

So we just continue as is then? You have any suggests to what we change?

> ReleaseBlocking:  Has a LICENSE.  Legally permitted to release and complies
> with the license via some mechanism.

We currently allow releases that are not strictly legal. This would be a step backwards.

> GraduationBlocking:  Everything else; including complying with the license
> via our preferred mechanism (i.e. we might want the MIT license text in our
> LICENSE file, but would accept it being in the source header of the files
> themselves).

We currently allow podlings to graduate with some issues as longs as the PPMC is dealing with
them. This would be a step backwards.

> I don't see a need to go to the board on this :)

If we don’t want to change anything - sure there's no need to go to the board.

>> issues have been fixed. The IPMC will add additional information to the
> incubator DISCLAIMER to cover that podling release may not abide by all
> The IPMC? That sounds like a people scaling problem. The podling committee
> should handle it.

I mean just changing this page [1] , podlings can update their own disclaimers.

> "This release still has the following issues that will need to be resolved
> before the Foo Project can graduate to an Apache vetted Top Level Project”

What about unknown issues?

> Are the board lawyers? :) Until you have a well-defined list, I doubt
> anything could be confirmed. I'd go with:  "Conceptually what you describe
> could lead to a situation where a PPMC releases a project fully compliant
> with the ASF's expectations. “

I assume you mean “not fully compliant”?



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