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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: late learnings, which could be helpful for all mentors to know
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 09:21:10 GMT

> That's exactly what we tried and were given grief about. We waited
> until 3 binding +1 votes, which is for practical purposes all of our
> active mentors

To be accurate this was tried without any discussion about this decision on a mailing list
(that I could find). IMO (and others may have other opinions) it was probably too soon to
go down this path. One of Apache sayings is if it didn’t happen on a mailing list, then
it didn’t happen.

I would suggest the project engages in clear conversation with the PPMC and/or IPMC on the
right mailing lists about any decisions along these lines. Doing so will mean that things
will go much smoother. If the podling PPMC wants to try things in another way, please clearly
indicate that, by discussion or vote on its dev list ands involve the wider IPMC in that decision.
The IPMC is willing to listen and discuss any proposal put fthe projects PPMC puts foward.

Also as I previously suggested it would be better to start a new thread about this.

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