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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Podlings, the Incubator, relationships and Apache
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2019 05:57:26 GMT

> While you've been going through the history and other docs:  Does it actually say somewhere
that a true ASF release MUST NOT contain any non-compliance of policy?

Again I’m not sure why you’re talking about TLP policy on the incubator general list.
But VP legal said as much the other day. "we can NOT allow any relaxation of the ASF release
policy for a TLP.”

I would probably alter the above to say "known non-compliance without approval”.  Exceptions
have been made and mistakes will happen and things will be missed. IMO as long as the project
is willing to correct a previously unknown issue before the next release all is generally

Looking at the history the incubator, I didn’t see anything with explicitly those exact
words, but that doesn’t mean it has not been stated in another form, as there a lot of conversions
in that history. What I did see is that the incubator has been much stricter on policy in
the past.

> Sebb just reported that something like 3 TLPs have releases that are not compliant with
the NOTICE file policy.

Issues in TLP project NOTICE are reasonably common e.g. I saw this the other day [1]. Hadoop
(and a couple of other TLPs) have had a long history of not being the best examples to copy
from. Podlings often do and then are surprised when it’s not correct, in the last year I’ve
contacted several TLP and asked (politely) for some NOTICE issues to be fixed as they are
causing podling project issues, they usually have been fixed. This has been mentioned in the
IPMC board report if you want more details.

Give the NOTICE is for informational purposes only, these are probably not serious issues.
 Even it’s not in line with ASF policy it would probably still tick all the legal boxes.
(I’ve not looked at the details so that’s an assumption on my part.)


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