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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: LGPL dependency
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2019 14:51:52 GMT
Hi Merle,

A footnote on your list below.

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> On Jun 14, 2019, at 2:39 AM, Myrle Krantz <> wrote:
> I feel like the answers provided here up till now are too simple.  I
> believe we have projects at Apache which seem to be using, or have used
> Webkit: (
> )
> * Flex
> * Myfaces
> * Shindig (?)
> * Cordova
> * Wave
> * Corinthia

This type of licensing issue is what caused Corinthia to fail Incubation. (Actually the insistence
by a PPMC member that everything be instantly pure killed developer desire.)

Please be careful using retired podlings for licensing examples.


> * Netbeans
> * Apollo
> I'm not completely confident of that list, since some of these projects may
> be running *in* webkit-based browsers.  It's hard to determine for certain
> while skimming Jira issues in projects I'm not involved in. : o)  So please
> don't treat this list as authoritative.  But if I'm reading that correctly,
> there are already several Apache TLP projects which use Webkit.
> So this question may have been seen before.  Justin, one of the projects
> which seems to currently be using Webkit is Flex.  Given the weird
> part-by-part licensing, how did Flex justify it's decision?  Or am I
> misreading, and Webkit is just an environment for Flex?
> My hope (probably too naive) is that if Weex is using only the part of
> Webkit that can be accessed via BSD-licensed headers, that that is enough
> to say they are using only a BSD-licensed run-time dependency.
> But if it's all open source, one possibility is to build a Webkit binary
> without the LGPL parts.  I haven't looked at how nice their build process
> is.  Building webkit without certain parts might be hard.  YorkShen's
> suggestion to replace Webkit might be easier.
> Your thoughts?
> Best Regards,
> Myrle

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