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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] Board proposal on podling releases
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2019 23:26:33 GMT

> (2) We all know that for many incubating projects immediately requiring full Release
Policy compliance is too steep a slope.

This is solved by allowing them to make non Apache releases out side of the ASF. We currently
do this. However branding and release policy also need to be followed there. i.e. A (P)PMC
can’t release unreleased materials outside the their development community, so they can’t
be called Apache releases, and it’s not the (P)PMC who is releasing them.

> (3) We should be willing to provide guidance to podlings about which requirements should
be fully met first. We don’t need to define serious for this.


> (4) We already have tracking in place in the Podling Status XML/YAML about the dates
where podlings have met various requirements with licensing and copyright. If properly updated
then we already providing for additional DISCLAIMERs.

I think those disclaimers would need to be in a more visible place, i.e. in the release artefacts,
so end users can see them.

> (5) We should work to modernize (3) and (4) to properly discuss the modern workflow using
GitBox/GitHub. For example, at what point should a podling stop making releases in their pre-Apache
process and switch to an Apache process and how should we handle repositories that are transferred
to the ASF.


> (6) The IPMC and Mentors should provide additional Status around the current state of
Incubation. See the clutch page and podling clutch analysis for one place we can improve on
policy “Status”.


> A simple checkbox list similar to what we have in the podling status page.

You mean like this but for all releases? [1]


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