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From 陈明雨 <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Doris 0.10.0-incubating-rc04
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2019 01:15:29 GMT
Hi all,

Please review and vote on Apache Doris 0.10.0-incubating-rc04 release.

Apache Doris is an MPP-based interactive SQL data warehousing for reporting and analysis.

The Apache Doris community has voted on and approved this release:

The vote result email is at end of this thread:

The release candidate has been tagged in GitHub as 0.10.0-rc04, available here:

===== CHANGE LOG ====

New Features:

* Support Routine Load
Doris now support routine load job, which allow user to create a routine
load job with simple instruction, and the data will be consumed and loaded
into Doris automatically. More information and guide can be found in
[Routine Load](

* Support Doris on ES
Doris now support querying Elasticsearch. User can create an extern table
with engine type `ES`, and query it as a normal table. Doris also support a
new built-in function `es_query()`, which allow user to write special
Elasticsearch query language in SQL. More information and guide can be
found in [Doris-On-ES](

* Support UDF and UDAF
Now user can write UDF and UDAF in C++ language.

* New documentation framework
All documents of Doris will be moved to the directory
`docs/documentation/`. You can see [README]( to
get more information, and help us complete the documentations. Any
documents are welcome.
There is also a new directory `samples/` which contains some samples of
using Doris.


* High performance Decimal type implementation.(#727)
* Parallel execution of fragment instance (#851)
* Support hll_union_agg in Analytic Function (#819)
* Support hll_raw_agg in Aggregate Function (#832)
* Support adding columns to multiple rollup indexes in one ALTER TABLE
stmt (#931)


* Add --daemon option to all start scripts (#642)
* Remove the restrict that delete stmt must specify partition even for
unpartitioned table (#668)
* Remove restrict of that Analytic function must have partition by clause
* Support `enable_insert_strict` session variable to control the insert
request (#1013)
* Support NEGATIVE keyword in Broker Load (#1101)
* Support more functions which can be calculated in Frontends:
unix_timestamp(), str_to_date(), current_user(), user()
* Support more built-in functions: money_format(), left(), right()
* New metrics: disk_state, tablet_distribution, scheduled_tablet_num
* Forward some requests to Master Frontend to get accurate results (#944)

Bug fixed:

* A lot of bugs fixed. Please see [ISSUES](
to get more


The artifacts (source, signature and checksum) corresponding to this release candidate can
be found here:

This has been signed with PGP key A30C9DA2, corresponding to
KEYS file is available here:
It is also listed here:

The vote will be open for at least 72 hours.
[ ] +1 Approve the release
[ ] +0 No opinion
[ ] -1 Do not release this package because ...

To verify and build, you can refer to following instruction:

Firstly, you must be install and start docker service, and then you could build Doris as following

Step1: Pull the docker image with Doris building environment
$ docker pull apachedoris/doris-dev:build-env-1.1
You can check it by listing images, its size is about 3.28GB.

Step2: Run the Docker image
You can run image directly:
$ docker run -it apachedoris/doris-dev:build-env-1.1

Step3: Download Doris source
Now you should in docker environment, and you can download Doris source package.
(If you have downloaded source and it is not in image, you can map its path to image in Step2.)
$ wget

Step4: Build Doris
Now you can decompress and enter Doris source path and build Doris.
$ tar zxvf apache-doris-0.10.0-incubating-src.tar.gz
$ cd apache-doris-0.10.0-incubating-src
$ sh

此致!Best Regards
陈明雨 Mingyu Chen

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