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From Rodric Rabbah <>
Subject Re: late learnings, which could be helpful for all mentors to know
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 13:37:58 GMT

>> Instead of having to actually DO releases, at least Release Candidates should be
created ... this would prove the general ability to do a release, but not actually DO it.
Of course if these RCs contain bad things, they should not pass.
> I suspect in some cases there are repos that maybe never have a
> release. In zipkin we felt like we had to do all work and it was a bad
> taste to see all this high friction efforts then projects go for
> graduation with dozens of repos.. probably some not even looked at.
> Whatever it is, I think it should become fair at some point.

In OpenWhisk we do in fact have some repos which will never be released and eventually archived/retired.
It’s easier and faster for new ideas to be explored on their own without some of the oversight
and reviewer commitments that come with more mature code bases. So creating release candidates
prematurely makes no sense in such instances.

(Tangentially, working across multiple repos has its own overheads which we have tried to
address with better tooling but we aren’t “there” yet.)

We have also in OpenWhisk automated a lot of the steps for preparing release candidate and
doing some of the mundane checks for verifying a release. I think this has helped evaluators
spend their time better judging a release candidate. The feedback has been useful to address
how much we automate.

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