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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: LGPL dependency
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2019 17:12:59 GMT
Some  things I don't think have been mentioned in this thread so far:

1) Even if you make Webkit optional by offering V8, I believe the ASF criteria for "optional"
includes "less than half of your users will use that option" and so if Webkit offers better
performance and most of the users select Webkit over V8, it won't really qualify Webkit as
2) AIUI, the ASF does not care about the licensing of RUNTIMES (my emphasis) your project's
code runs on.  Otherwise, no ASF project could run on Windows or OSX.  Apache Flex runs on
Adobe Flash/AIR runtimes.
3) I could not quickly find a direct quote for this, but I believe the ASF does not care about
the licensing of BUILD TOOLS (emphasis mine) used to manipulate the source in the source release
as long as the license of those tools does not constrain usage of that code (like some non-commercial
restriction, or even a "no evil" restriction.

AIUI, the whole purpose of these restrictions is to not place restrictions on modifications
to source or use of source when that source is eventually executed (whether interpreted or
compiled or other).

So, if I've made that clear so far, the question I have for Weex is:  How is Webkit used in
Weex?  Is it just a runtime and libraries for that runtime?  If so, then I believe it is ok
to have a dependency on LGPL Webkit, but I would recommend that you find a way to not bundle
Webkit in the release artifacts.  Have it downloaded or make it a "prerequisite" just like
I think every ASF Java-based project says you must install a Java JDK and don't bundle Java

Other questions to ask relative to whether Webkit is a runtime or build tool:

A) Will anybody realistically want to modify the Webkit sources in order to use Weex?  If
no, that's great, and another reason to not bundle those header files with your sources.
B) Will use of the WebKit header files and other binaries you depend on create a restriction
on use?  If no, that's great as well, and I think if the answer to A and B are both "no",
the IPMC should consider Webkit to be a runtime/build-tool dependency and let it go.


On 6/14/19, 5:09 AM, "York Shen" <> wrote:

    It depends on the definition of optional dependency. Weex targets iOS, Android and Browser
environment and Webkit header files and shared library are only bundled for Android environment.
As for other environments, the OS or browser itself has exposed enough API for Weex. 
    PS: I am pretty sure that the iOS system itself uses almost the same code of Webkit as
Weex does to build its WKWebView. It’s really strange that’s ok for Weex iOS and not ok
for Weex Android.
    > 在 2019年6月14日,19:17,Justin Mclean <> 写道:
    > Hi,
    >> Well, what if Weex copies some BSD header files in Webkit then run on Webkit?
IMHO, the Webkit is also an environment for Weex in this case.
    > You still didi not answer if this is an optional dependancy? But again either way
I suggest you ask on legal discuss.
    > Thanks,
    > Justin
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